Wings Edit


Wings main use is to help the ship turn faster. Currently there are 6 different wings in the design menu, each one with a different Turn Speed value (degrees/second - °/s).

Wings are color custom to Player's Color and most of them offer HP to the ship

Turn Speed Edit

Turn speed indicates how fast a ship can rotate itself in a game (change direction). It is calculated in degrees per second (°/s). 360°/s means that the ship can do a full turn (360°) in 1 second.

A high value of Turn Speed is usually essential in Fighters and Scouts/Drones since these kinds of ships often change direction.

Note: Turn Speed is affected by Weight. The more weight you add to your ship, the less the turn speed is going to be.

Testing suggests the that the turn speed of a ship is computed approximately as follows:

Final_TS = (Added_TS * 15.9893 + 916.8) / Weight

Where Added_TS is the sum of the turnspeed of all components. Testing was performed using 1x1 edge wings and ultralight armour 1T blocks in different combinations ranging from 1T to 20T and from 0°/s to 4300°/s added turnspeed, and the standard deviation was 0.027 after fitting the parameters to the data.

Wings currently available and stats Edit

Wings currently available (as of 5/26/2016):

All wings give 215°/s per T, except the fighter wing which gives 1720°/s per T, but at higher cost.

2x2 wing 1x2 wing 2x1 wing 1x1 curved 1x1 edge 1x1 fighter
Big wing
1x2 wing
2x1 wing
1x1 curved wing
1x1 edge wing
1x1 wing
Cost $32 $16 $12 $8 $8 $4
Weight 8.0T 4.0T 3.0T 2.0T 2.0T 0.1T
Turn Speed 1719°/s 859°/s 645°/s 430°/s 430°/s 172°/s

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