Turret Mounts Edit

Turret Mounts

Turret Mounts are used to mount weapons. If a turret mount does not have a weapon placed on it, you won't be able to field the ship in-game; you must either remove the mount or add a weapon on it. There are 7 different kind of mounts currently in the game, each one with a different degree angle, which gives the ability for the weapon to shoot in 360°, 270°, 180°, 90°, 30° 360° with a 33% penalty on weapon range, and 15° with a +300 range boost.

Degree Angles Edit

There are 7 different mount angles in the game:

  1. The 360° turret mount
  2. The 270° turret mount
  3. The 180° turret mount
  4. The 90° turret mount
  5. The 30° turret mount
  6. The micro 360° turret mount
  7. The spinal turret mount
360° Mount 270° Mount 180° Mount 90° Mount 30° Mount Spinal Mount Micro 360°
360 turret-0
270 turret-0
180 Turret-0
90 turret-0
30 mount-0
Mini 360
Cost $36 $27 $18 $9 $3 $15 $10
Weight 30.0T 10.0T 10.0T 5.0T 5.0T 5.0T
HP 10hp 10hp 10hp 5hp 5hp 5hp

Micro 360° Turret Mount Edit

Unlike the other turret mounts, the Micro 360° Mount has a 33% penalty on the range of the weapon that is placed on it. The reason for this is its low price and weight in comparison with the normal 360°, which is $26 more expensive and 25.0T heavier.

Spinal Turret Mount Edit

This mount takes up a 2x4 area, and has an arc similar to the 30° Mount, but grants +300 range to the placed turret. It is essentially the opposite of the Micro 360° Turret Mount

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