Armour is found in the armour/shields tab in the designer. Placing armour on a ship will increase the amount of HP and decrease the speed of ship. Armour comes in many shapes and sizes.

Heavyweight Armour Edit

Heavyweight Armour

Heavyweight armour weighs a lot, but provides good protection for your ship. This kind of armour is best used on dreadnoughts and other heavy ships such as battleships. Due to the weight of heavyweight armour, it will drastically decrease the movement speed of your ship. Heavyweight armour provides the best HP / Cost ratio of all types of armour.

  • 8 HP/$
  • 1.6 HP/T
  • 1.6 HP/$T

Volumetric Armour Edit

Volumetric armour

Volumetric armour is balanced in terms of cost, weight and HP. Volumetric armour weighs less than heavyweight amour and costs less than ultralight armour, but provides less armour than heavyweight armour. Volumetric armour is best used on middle-sized ships that need a bit of HP and a bit of speed.

Volumetric armor is also the least dense of armor types; using it exclusively won't make your ship that much heavy, but it will make it big, and thus easier to hit with imprecise weapons.

  • 5 HP/$
  • 3.33 HP/T
  • 3.33 HP/$T

Ultralight Armour Edit


Ultralight armour is very expensive and very light. Ultralight armour provides a small amount of protection but costs a lot. Therefore ultralight armour is best used on small, fast ships such fighters.

  • 1.6 HP/$
  • 16 HP/T
  • 3.2 HP/$T

Notes Edit

  • Where you place armour on a ship affects your ship's performance only slightly, as different weight distibutions / ship shapes can alter the size of the ship and thus the size of its hitbox.
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